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NetSync is a leading ICT equipment and solutions provider in the telecoms & networking industry. NetSync has been building advanced ICT infrastructure for corporates all over Asia. We constantly upgrade our expertise, enhance our product and solution portfolio to provide the best ICT solutions to our customers with their ever-growing ICT infrastructure needs.


Telescience offers a wide range of products and solutions:


  • GNSS Time & Frequency Servers

  • NTP Synchronised Clocks
  • Service Assured Networking Solutions

  • Network Test Systems & Sevice Verification Platforms

  • Automated Fiber Management

  • Fiber Optic Components and Subsystems


You will have access to our comprehensive technical support including:


  • Extended Warranties
  • Technical Support
  • On-site Engineering and Troubleshooting
  • After-sales Maintenance
  • Design Engineering
  • Project Consultations

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